Public Notice

Josephine Housing and Community Development Council

Request for Proposals for Project-Based Vouchers

Proposals Due by 4:00 p.m., June 17, 2024.

The Josephine Housing and Community Development Council (JHCDC) is accepting proposals from property owners / developers of new construction rental housing projects interested in participating in the Project-Based Voucher Program.

Project-Based Voucher (PBV) is a federal rental assistance program aiding low to moderate-income families through the attachment of rental subsidies to single and multifamily housing units.  The rental subsidy is paid by JHCDC from Housing and Urban Development (HUD) funding and reduces an eligible family’s monthly housing costs to no more than 40% of their adjusted monthly income.   JHCDC is authorized to utilize up to 20% of its allocated Housing Choice Voucher program subsidy for Project-Based Vouchers (PBV).  JHCDC hopes to encourage the creation of housing opportunities for this specific purpose though this award.

The JHCDC intends to issue a maximum of one hundred ten (110) Project-Based Vouchers to new construction, affordable housing projects as defined in 24 CFR 983.3, located within the City of Grants Pass and/or its Urban Growth Boundary that will be developed by non-profit or governmental agencies.  Interested property owners/ developers may apply for PBVs by submitting a written proposal to the JHCDC.

Further details and proposal submission requirements are included in a Request for Proposals (RFP) packet.  The RFP packet is available May 24, 2024, by electronically mailing Tammy D’Amico, Executive Director, at

A mandatory Pre-proposal Conference will be held at 1:30 p.m., on May 24, 2024, via Zoom, Meeting Identification 868 2401 2321, Passcode 273850.

The JHCDC reserves the right to reject any or all proposals, waive any information in the process and/or cancel in whole or part the Request for Proposals, if it is in the best interest of the JHCDC to do so.

Participation in the Project-Based Vouchers Program requires compliance with Fair Housing and Equal Opportunity requirements under federal law and regulation.  The Josephine Housing and Community Development Council is an equal opportunity housing provider.




All proposals must be submitted by 4:00 p.m., on June 17, 2024.  The minimum required information is listed below.  All proposals that are not received by the deadline will be considered late and will be returned to the proposer unopened.

Answer all questions thoroughly and provide all requested information.

1. Project Location: Identify the project site(s) by address, Assessor’s Map I.D., and Tax Lot Number.   Identify the Census Tract your project site(s) is located.  Proof from the HUD website, accessed here: must be provided verifying that the project is located in a census tract with the poverty rate of 20% or less or if it does not meet this criteria, explain how this project meets one of the following exceptions outlined in the JHCDC’s Administrative Plan:

  • A census tract in which the proposed PBV development will be located in a HUD-designated Enterprise Zone, Economic Community, or Renewal Community;


  • A census tract where the concentration of assisted units will be or has decreased as a result of public housing demolition and HOPE VI redevelopment;


  • A census tract in which the proposed PBV development will be located is undergoing significant revitalization as a result of state, local, or federal dollars invested in the area;


  • A census tract where new market rate units are being developed where such market rate units will positively impact the poverty rate in the area;


  • A census tract where there has been an overall decline in the poverty rate within the past five years; or


  • A census tract where there are meaningful opportunities for educational and economic advancement.

(No Points Assigned; Information will be used to determine if project is located in a qualified census tract.)

2. Describe your project. Please explain why this project is being proposed. Describe the location, physical characteristics, amenities, design, target population, unit type and number of units in the development. Describe the housing types in the neighborhood, including the concentration of multi-family affordable housing. (20 Points Maximum)

3. Describe the resources to be used in the development of your project. Identify the sources of funding and/or financing needed to develop your project.  Discuss the status of funding and/or financing resources (Example: are funding sources pending, reserved, or committed to your project?) (10 Points Maximum)

4. Identify the target population (i.e., family, elderly, disabled, etc.) of your project. Include income level restrictions proposed for the project including non-subsidized units.  (No points assigned; for informational purposes only)

5. Identify the proposed rents. Please identify the proposed rents by unit type for your project.  Included proposed contract rents for PBA subsidized and non-subsidized units.   Describe the utilities, services, and appliances (owner paid) to be included in the proposed rents.  What utilities will tenants be responsible to pay? (No points assigned; for informational purposes only)

6. Describe the affordability of your project. Include an analysis of proposed rents versus household income levels to be targeted.  What term of affordability is proposed for your project.? (How many years will your project remain affordable?)   (15 Points Maximum)

7. Describe the housing need not currently being met. How will your project address the need? (15 Points Maximum)

8. Describe the structure and staffing of the organization as it relates to this project. Explain how your organization’s experience and ability has prepared the project sponsor to properly develop and/or manage this project.  Identify the project owner, developer, architect, builder and property management agent.  Also describe your organization’s past experience, if any, in the administration or management of government subsidized affordable housing projects. (15 Points Maximum)

9. Discuss the project schedule as it relates to the development of the project. Describe at what phase the project currently exists, proposed dates of construction start, substantial completion and lease-up. (10 Points Maximum)

10. Describe your organization’s plans to successfully manage and maintain the project and units. (15 Points Maximum)

11. Identify the number of Housing Choice Vouchers you are requesting to be Project-Based at your site. (No points assigned; for informational purposes only)


The following additional information will be requested of owners/proposers upon project selection and condition approval.

1. Evidence of Site Control.

2. Architectural Drawings including a Site Plan, Exterior Building Elevations and Floor Plans.

3. Evidence of proper zoning and documentation that the project will conform with local building code.

4. The completion of an Environmental Review Checklist and site and neighborhood description.

5. A complete management and maintenance plan. This plan will describe all aspects of the site management plan, including the Resident Selection Policies.  The plan should also describe the preventive, routine and emergency maintenance procedures for the entire site.

6. A complete financial plan and a written certification that all necessary financing will be obtained within 365 days following selection.